An intimate autobiographical account of the hidden life of Jesus. Detailing his family life and Initiate training, the lost years, and the Essenes in a tender, caring voice, Yeshu'a as well reveals the true history of the world and speaks of the transformational times in which we now live.

It also tells a different story of his short ministry in Palestine than is given by the canonical Gospels. From Egypt, Qumran, Mt. Carmel, the Druids of Pretannia, and Asia, to his relationship with his Beloved Magdalen, Yeshu'a will shock some in their orthodox beliefs, but ultimately Jesus's message of unconditional love and universal forgiveness comes through loud and clear: We are all Christ.

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For

The Yeshu'a series heals the Christian story by reconciling and bringing to full-flower the feminine indwelling everyone and everything, and is the first full narration of those sacred times. It has received endorsements from multi-award-winning, best-selling authors, and healers and Lightworkers and Heart-leaders around the world.

"Yeshu'a is a powerful read and should help everyone on their journey toward integration of the physical and the world of Spirit." 
~ Lynn Andrews, international and New York Times best-selling author of the Medicine Woman Series​
The son of a U.S. diplomat, Pietro de la Luna grew up in Africa, Europe, and the United States. He has lived in England, the U.S., and France and traveled widely as an adult. He received BA degrees in music and history and has enjoyed a successful music career. Author of the acclaimed Yeshu'a series, he has also written articles for various progressive organizations. 

Pietro is a devoted healer, and works with healing circles around the world. Working with his healing guides, he has been a successful conduit in curing various forms of cancer, bipolar disorder, angina, Parkinson's Disease, Lyme Disease, blindness,tooth problems, ulcers and stomach disorders, and physical injuries, as well as many other conditions, ailments, and diseases. He has also been a successful conduit in dissipating severe weather events. Working with Light--5th, 6th, and 7th dimensional energies--Pietro is a quantum surgeon, and is purely dedicated to uplifting Humanity and the world.

Pietro is a member of Inspiration Life, a global group of visionaries who by example inspire others to find inspiration within themselves. In the upcoming book by Merry Hall entitled Vision, Passion, Mission: The Head, Heart, and Hands of Evolutionary People, he will be featured as a visionary, lighting the path to the New Illuminated World. He is also a newly contributing writer for The Magic Happens, a distinguished webzine whose mission is to stimulate the imagination:Humanity thriving out loud.​


A Beautifully Written Masterpiece
By Rachel
Such a beautifully written masterpiece, it is as if I am living within it, transported back to the moments, watching all that happens as a sacred witness, the sights, scents, and sounds etched upon my soul. Mr. de la Luna has renewed my spirit. He demonstrates poetic courage in chronicling his vision.

Delighted to Find This Soul Aligning Treasure!
By M. Hazlewood
If you remember who you truly ARE, you will love this book as Yeshu'a dances through the past and present. If you wonder who you truly ARE, this book could definitely trigger feelings that resonate and assist you in your remembrance. Pietro de la Luna has a magical style of writing that lends one to experiencing oneself in the story he weaves. I was so joyous as I started reading knowing Pietro and others know and remember what I already intuitively knew. Perhaps his tale will inspire joyous alignment with you as well? At the very least, Yeshu'a is delightfully entertaining while at the same time magically uplifting. Enjoy it in meditative bits or front to back as it suits any preferred reading style. Thank You Pietro for sharing Your bright light!

An Affirmation of Humanity's Potential to Save the World
By Burl and Merry Hall
In today’s world, we are encouraged to fall to the feet of Pope, Preacher, Guru, Philosophers, Politicians, Kings, Queens, Movie Stars and so on and so on. Pietro de la Luna’s poetic book, Yeshu’a: The Story of the Hidden Life of Jesus, gives us a refreshing alternative interpretation: “YOU are all the ones you have been waiting for!” This book portrays Jesus’ deep respect for the humanity he serves, encouraging that which is holy within us all to flourish. It also reveals love for the Divine Feminine, as the female participants in Jesus’ life are lovingly fleshed out more fully than in the standard Gospels. We found this book to be a blessing and believe you will, too.

The Missing Parts of the Greatest Story Ever Told
By Donald Sosin
Yeshu'a is an astounding journey. It's not just the events in the life of Jesus in the years before his public ministry, but it's a voyage into his innermost thoughts. I read this book with the feeling that the author had been there himself witnessing the events, the detail is so intimate...We learn about Yeshu'a's family and closest friends, his teachers in Egypt and in the Essene community at Mount Carmel. And about his past lives, of which he has full memory. This is a novel to be sure, but it feels like the truth to me. Any seeker of wisdom will find deep satisfaction in this book, written in a soft, melodic poetry that transports the reader into another dimension of feeling. The author says, "You are all the ones you have been waiting for." This book is the one I've been waiting for. 

Privileged to have read it.
By Chris Day, author and journalist
Sometimes a book comes along that stops you in your tracks and reaches out to you. For me, Yeshu'a by Pietro de la Luna is one such book. Without question, the author has been greatly inspired in his writing. He draws you in to a time and place that we feel we already know, and brings it to life. The book is very readable and difficult to put down. You cannot fail to feel privileged to have read it.

Beautifully Written Remembrance
By Glen Craney, award-winning author of The Fire and The Light
Yeshu'a is a beautifully written remembrance of an Initiate's passage through the Mystery Schools of the ancient world, told from the unique point of view of the Oversoul, at once both present and eternal.

Allows you to embrace the spirit of Jesus
By Dawn Demers, author, healer, coach and international speaker
Yeshu’a is an amazing and compelling story that will captivate you, providing insight and multidimensional wisdom into Jesus and many ancient mysteries. Taking you on a journey that allows you to embrace the spirit of Jesus, God, and many other historical figures in ways you may have never considered before, Yeshua's insider perspective gifts you knowledge, understanding and compassion as you view Jesus and history itself anew. The story is riveting, and will broaden your view of life and what is possible.

Magnificent Story
By Reverend and Healer Ron Wilding
I was delighted to read this magnificent story of the birth and growth of Yeshu'a, so enthralled in this real-life history, I had to read it a second time to get the full impact of his wonderful life. Yeshu'a has been written in a most beautiful and understanding way that all who read it will be immediately enchanted by the story.

Maintains the Messiah's Message
By Lord John Taylor, Baron of Warwick
Yeshu'a is well-written, with power and passion. It maintains the Messiah's message of God's unconditional love and forgiveness.

Brilliant evocation of the Savior's voice
By Harvey Kraft, award-winning author of The Buddha From Babylon
Wonderful! Wonderful! Transforming Humanity is the purpose of Yeshu'a, as he shares with us his life-affirming wisdom. Pietro de la Luna's brilliant evocation of the savior's autobiographical voice overrides institutional interpretations as he sees reality through the liberating eye of a loving divinity.

By Burl and Merry Hall, authors of Sophia's Web
Pietro de la Luna's poetic Yeshu'a series inspires today's world population to transform and save Humanity, proclaiming "You are the ones you have been waiting for!" In this Age of The Holy Spirit we are called to BE the second coming of Christ. A richly detailed autobiographical account of the full life of Jesus of Nazareth--not just the distorted, truncated, and reinterpreted account given us in translations of the biblical gospels--gifts us a full and inspiring picture of how Jesus lived out being Love incarnate. The Yeshu'a series reveals a deep devotion to the Divine Feminine missing in church-mediated Christianity that must now be resurrected in our hearts. This inclusiveness allows us to reclaim our full Humanity and become co-creators of a new Story honoring all beings on Earth. Intimately depicting Jesus' deep respect for the Humanity he serves, it encourages that which is holy in us all to flourish. Yeshu'a calls us to the compassion, sacrifice, and activism needed to save the world.


Looking from the short distance across the room. Martha puts a finger to her lips, then closes her eyes. “Be still.”

Mother starts softly humming an ancient tune I recognize: the Love-song of Inanna, Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Earth. It is my song. They once sang it to me, ages long past, the sun glittering through fields of grain and velvet grass. I remember it still.

Salome now follows her lead, as Martha passes her pendulum over the stones. Then she stops still as night, her face reading the letters once more. My heart beats in time.

“Enter me, spirit. I know you are near. Take me as your vessel; we have no fear,” Martha calmly intones, a breeze coming through the window. “We are pure of heart; we are your children.” Once more her face is cold, rigid stone. Her mouth opens like a cave, and a voice, deep and indisputable like a man’s, exits her throat.


Martha suddenly slumps over, her breath spent, her chest heaving. I ache to touch her. But dear Mother holds me firm, as Salome rises to see to her with a dampened cloth. Slowly Martha’s breath returns to calm, she lifting her head to view Mother’s face. The spirit is now departed.